Real Estate and Hotels

Real estate law involves a huge number of legal issues that encompass the purchasing, financing, development, management, construction, leasing, and sale of residential and commercial property. The complexity of land management and registration in Indonesia, land rights often become a subject of conflicting interests.

BIL’s real estate and property lawyers is capable of providing essential safeguard against not only costly errors in documents and figures, but also many other serious issues that could otherwise lead to expensive legal action.

Our lawyers are skilled and experienced in the negotiation of complex contracts and execution of due diligence review including title, survey and property condition. In addition, handling commercial and multi-faceted projects with reciprocal easements, covenants and declarations to address the rights and interests of multiple owners and users of complex mixed use residential, commercial and industrial property.

In conjunction with our Corporate Group and Taxation Group, our attorneys are able to provide our clients with the technical support, advice and guidance necessary to establish tax efficient and organizationally sound deal structures for their projects, including structures providing for sponsorship with outside investors and real estate joint ventures.